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VITORIA - brazil
VITORIA - brazil
VITORIA - brazil

VITORIA - brazil

His Majesty The Coffee

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Country: Brazil

Region: Espirito Santo

Robusta Variety: Conilon

Altitude: 1100 masl

Processing: experimental fermentation

Tasting notes: raw cocoa bean - raisin - hazelnut

150 gr

suggested for: espresso

Robusta coffee has historically been considered inferior to Arabica coffee and subsequently not enjoyed the same price premiums and motivation for quality improvement seen in the specialty Arabica market. Much of Robusta’s poor market reputation, however, is as the result of correctable defects in cultivation and processing rather than qualities inherent to the species.

As proven by success in the specialty Arabica market, differentiation of fine quality Robusta may lead to increased consumer value and consumption, as well as better earnings for Robusta coffee farmers and provide the incentive needed for further advancement of the greater coffee industry.

This document is the coffee industry’s first comprehensive guide of compiled standards and procedures that define Fine Robusta coffee, a class of defect-free Robusta equivalent to Specialty Arabica, in which coffees exhibit unique and desirable characteristics resulting from a combination of varietal genetics, microclimate of origin, accentuated by best cultivation and processing practices.