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The Dark Side of the Mo...doetia (blend)

The Dark Side of the Mo...doetia (blend)

His Majesty The Coffee

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This blend is our interpretation of the classic Italian strong espresso: a cup very smooth, rich in body, with milk chocolate and nuts flavour. It’s a 100% Arabica made by 4 single origin. Modoetia blend has a dark side, like everyone.


Brazil, Mundo Novo, natural

India Plantation, Kent, washed


Tasting notes: nuts - after eight - milk chocolate - full body

Suggested for: espresso

Brewing recipe:

  • Water Temperature : 90-91° C
  • Ground coffee : 15-16 g (double shot)
  • Ratio 1 : 2,5 
  • Pre-infusion : 3 seconds
  • Total brew time : 25 seconds