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His Majesty The Coffee

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Country: Brazil

Region: Sul de Minas

Producer: Nízia Aparecida

Arabica Variety: Acaia

Altitude: 1000 masl

Processing: pulped natural

Tasting notes:  milk chocolate - hazelnut - stonefruits

Suggested for: espresso & filter

150 gr



Producer Story
“Our property was inherited from our grandparents, which passed to my father. The main rural activity was dairy cattle.
In 2007, in the month of December, after a few years of budgeting, I decided to plant coffee. A crop that I have always enjoyed as a child, under the influence of a coffee grower uncle from the municipality of São Tomé das Letras. Minas Gerais. I always found the coffee plant very beautiful, the flower bloomed with its perfume, and the yellow or red fruits, very sweet. After being roasted then the smell would be around the house, through the patios all day. Better yet, the coffee the next day, grounded early in the morning and pressed in a cloth filter.
In June the harvest movements begin, much anticipation, very careful when picking, drying in the cement yard, wrapping in the shed after drying.
During the year most of the fertilization is with manure of cow and horses, not much use of chemical fertilizers. Only a few times have the coffee plants become ill, we use small amounts of pesticides. Weeding is done by hand. A rural worker helps us during the year and several during the harvest.
I always worried about not polluting the environment, our waters, the pastures, having a quality coffee and a good taste.
Since 2009 I am member of Minasul, always guided by my uncle and a coffee grower friend. Many have criticized me for being a woman wanting to plant coffee. This activity accomplishes me, employs many people in the harvest and leaves the environment much more beautiful.” – Nizia Aparecida