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LOS VASCOS - colombia     150gr

LOS VASCOS - colombia 150gr

His Majesty The Coffee

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Country: Colombia

Region: Bilbao, Tolima  

Producer: Asotbilbao cooperative

Arabica Variety: Caturra

Altitude: 1950 masl

Processing: fully washed

Tasting notes: grenadine - green apple - blood orange

suggested for: filter

150 gr

The coffee growers of Los Vascos descend from a group of people with ancestry in the northern regions of Spain. Los Vascos translates " The Basques". Their ancestral cuisine combines aromatics and natural sweets like cherries and dark wines, arguably represented in the profile of their coffees today.

The growers consistently produce high quality coffee and continue to seek out ways to improve. High quality for them means: fewer defects from origin, specialized tree care, picking only mature red cherries, better beneficio techniques, and investing back into farm infrastructure. They plan to increase the quantities of available coffee, while also increasing the quality of the resulting coffee.