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LA ESTRELLA - Colombia
LA ESTRELLA - Colombia
LA ESTRELLA - Colombia

LA ESTRELLA - Colombia

His Majesty The Coffee

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Country: Colombia

Region: Pijao, Quindio

Producer: Sebastian Lopez

Variety: Mokka

Altitude: 1450 - 1500 masl

Processing: natural

Tasting notes: tomato - plum - red currant

Suggested for: filter & espresso

150 gr



Brix range cherry: 25-28°B
Drying time: 15 days
Drying method: Dried on movable raised beds with direct sun exposure during daytime with good weather. During nighttime when temperature drops, and relative humidity increases the drying beds are stored inside the production building.
Because the beans of the Mokka are so small and has few mucilage inside the most important part is to ferment the coffee as soon as is picked and remove the floaters. The coffee is fermented in tanks with no water for 24 hours and the place on the raised beds.
Hand sorting: The cherries get hand sorted at picking, later again after the floaters are remove and a third time after milling process to remove defects, which can only be spotted at the green bean.
Stabilization: At the farm after drying to 9-11% humidity the coffee gets packed in GrainPro bags and sisal and stored at the farm, at 20°C. Every 15 days the coffee gets cupped to check flavor process and cup quality. Usually after 1 month the coffee is stabilized and ready for export.