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EL LIRIO - Perù (decaf)
EL LIRIO - Perù (decaf)

EL LIRIO - Perù (decaf)

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Country: Perù

Region: El Lirio

Farm: cooperative

Arabica Variety: Caturra

Altitude: 1600 masl

Processing: Co2 Decaf

Tasting notes: Baileys - clean - medium body

Suggested for: espresso

250 gr



The decaffeination of this lot is obtained with CO2 extraction. At very high pressures and temperatures, the carbon dioxide assumes an intermediate state between liquid and gas and acquires characteristics of extreme selectivity and speed of extraction of caffeine to which it becomes a product suitable for the removal of caffeine from coffee. It is a refined method but also expensive for the type of equipment that must be used and then suitable for large volumes. With this system the organoleptic characteristics and the aroma remains intact and the coffee you get, keeps its original qualities.