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Wholesale & Private Label


Thanks for your interesting in His Majesty the Coffee. Our mission is to be the right partner for who wants to work with a high quality coffee. A long term successful partnership is based on clearness and it must be advantageous for both parts.

Our team believe that quality is never enough, this way to work is verifiable in every green bean we buy (if you have any question about it, do not hesitate to ask us). Every blend evolve during year, it depends which is the best coffee we find on market. Be sure that every change we’ll apply is only to improve the result: we’re not interested in buying cheapest coffee. Only the best beans come inside our roasting machine!

If you feel that we can be your coffee supplier, just send us an email at: info@hismajestythecoffee.com


Private label

If you’re interested to have a Specialty Coffee with your own brand we can be the right partner for your business. We can provide you bags, labels (through our typography) and beans. You’ve just to place an order and we’ll take care of everything instead of you!

Do you prefer to use your bags and your coffee green beans? We can just roast, pack and ship to you. This can be useful also for roastery with big batch machines that cannot allowed to roast small batches.

Feel free to send us an email for a quotation: info@hismajestythecoffee.com