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“His Majesty the Coffee” is micro-roastery established in 2013 Italy, quality and innovation-oriented, one of the first Italian roastery dealing only with speciality coffee. The founder Paolo Scimone has a complex personality, his mind is always oriented toward innovation and is soul is rooted in Italian soil with all it’s creativity and tradition. With his staff every week he dedicates time to research and development.

The passion for England and the Royal family is already evident from its name but under the surface, a pure Italian heart beats in its chest. This duality is well represented also in HMC house blends: Londinium and Modoetia.

The first blend is dedicated to London and is made by Paolo to please the most demanding palates used to light roasted third wave coffee style.

The second blend is dedicated to Paolo’s hometown (from the Latin name of Monza) and is prepared and approved by Lady Damiana, the holy mother of Paolo in her role of representative of typical Italian taste.

This British spirit with Italian heart affects all HMC production, making it a unique reality in the world of speciality coffee.


HMC staff

Paolo Scimone - Founder and Head Roaster


Paolo is younger than you think, after a strong adolescent infatuation for coffee, he only got to know it deeply when he moved to London in 2005 working as a barista.

From 2007 to 2009 he took over a coffee shop in Monza and later he worked 3 years for a roaster based in Varese and finally in 2013 he gave birth to His Majesty the Coffee.

Along the years he found time to study and obtain a few certifications like Arabica and Robusta QGrader.

He is co-founder of Italian Roasting School.

A part from roasting his own coffee, he is often travelling around the world to train a new generation of roasters, all fans of pizza and fish and chips.

Much needed things to know about Paolo:

  • he would eat pizza and gorgonzola all day long.

  • he is so charming that he gained Mr. Italy title ad honorem.

  • In his opinion roasting coffee on an electric machine is like going to Oktoberfest and bring a six pack of Moretti Italian beer, simply unacceptable!

  • he makes jokes of everything except about coffee quality.

  • he would cheat on his partner only for Queen Elizabeth II.


Simona Rey - Roaster and Production Manager

After working three years at Monmouth in the roastery she landed in Villasanta with a ONG boat flying english flag. She was embraced, feed and now she boasts she can roast.

In those years before and after her mission of supporting Paolo, she studied and succeeded in:

Maestri dell’espresso junior Illy in 2008

Idrosommelier, SCA, and Qgrader Arabica certifications.

Much needed things to know about Simona:

  • She likes eating egg with salmon and avocado, unfortunately, she still hasn’t found a coffee to match those flavours.
  • she likes drawing (not on roasting machines).
  • She drives her husband Dan car even if she does not reach the pedals
  • She is so much outgoing that if nobody is around she even talk to herself.
  • Even if she bears Paolo she has not been awarded a Nobel Prize for Peace yet.

Elizabeth III - roasting machine and Queen of the Coffee Commonwealth

Giesen W15, born in 2017 in Ulft in The Netherlands, as a newborn she moved to the merry old Brianza and got engaged in HMC team, It was love at first sight.

Much needed things to know about Elizabeth III:

  • She does not like being touched by strangers.
  • She got upset when she found out that she was not powered by a windmill, Paolo tried to explain that now she lives in Monza, but she was very unreasonable.
  • Before roasting Robusta she always asks for a Negroni Sbagliato.
  • She only allows a selected few to call her Betty.
  • She voted NO at the Brexit referendum.

Teodolinda II -Roasting Machine and Queen of the Longobard Empire of Coffee

HB M6 born in 2017 in China from a Chinese father and Italian mother

  • Every morning she eats a bowl of noodles before she roasts.
  • She is still learning Italian, she takes lessons twice a week from Checco Zalone.
  • She is tiny but she makes more noise than everyone else, she is like a Chihuahua!
  • She thinks we are still living in the Longobard empire and she insists on making a triumphal horse ride inside Parco di Monza every Sunday.