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Syphon filter
Syphon filter
Syphon filter

Syphon filter


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E&B LAB Syphon filter has been created to optimize the coffee brewing. Thanks to its design with different heights, it perfectly fits the majority of Syphon models.

Assembly of four components: Ultrafine filter, Handle, Gasket, Springs.



Handle: designed to help positioning and removing the filter

Material: INOX 303

Height: 50 mm

Diameter: 8 mm

FILTER: Ultra Fine filter

Filtering membrane: wire membrane INOX 316 - 35 µm filtering power

Support plate: INOX 304

External diameter: 48 mm

Support perforation: holes 2.4 mm



Material: red silicone

External diameter: 53 mm

Thikness: 5 mm



Material: INOX 302

Wire diameter: 0.8 mm