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Aeropress filter
Aeropress filter

Aeropress filter


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Ultra-Fine stainless steel filter disk designed for AeroPress with a 35-micron filtration, allows the fruity-sweet flavorful notes to emerge in a very good way.

This filter is extraordinary easy to clean. 



Ultra-Fine stainless steel filter disk Designed for AeroPress®

External diameter: 63 mm

Thickness: 0.30 mm - 0.90 mm

Filtration: Woven Wire Inox Membrane

Double protective inox ring

E&B LAB Aeropress stainless steel filter works well with a wide range of grind size.Its 35 micron filtration power also allows to use the same recipe as for paper filter.We suggest you to experiment with any combination of brew ratio / grind size / water you like in order to achieve the best cup from your coffee.