GEISHA RUIZ natural - panama     100gr

GEISHA RUIZ natural - panama 100gr

His Majesty The Coffee

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Country: Panama

Region: Boquete, Chiriqui

Producer: Maria and Plinio Ruiz

Arabica Variety: Gesha

Altitude: 1500-1600 masl

Processing: natural

Tasting notes: floral - plum - rhubarb jam


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Casa Ruiz recognizes that people are the key to success. Therefore, Cafe Ruiz supports activities promoting the recognition of the different cultures involved in the production and processing of coffee on their farms.  Some of the activities Café Ruiz stands behind.

- Permanent support to the Ngäbe literacy programs such as teaching them how to read and write in their own language as well as in Spanish.

- Support of the Ngäbe in other areas – teaching of technical aspects of organic (coffee) farming. Casa Ruiz developed a model program to help a group of Ngäbe Indians obtain organic certification for the coffee grown on their own land.

- Give direct support to members from the community by offer courses to employees on topics of personal as well as professional development and first aid.

- Education related to the industry; Barista trainings, information and tours for foreign students, etc.

- In addition to their own farms, over three hundred independent, small-scale family farms partner with Casa Ruiz to process and market coffee. They all chose the shade grown coffee method and are dedicated to environmentally friendly growing techniques